Sunday, January 6, 2013

Three reasons why Elke the Stallion’s sextape is such a BIG deal

Social media networks have been going crazy since WSHH (WorldStarHipHop) released the 40 second sextape featuring Elke the Stallion.

The bootylicious model claims the sextape was leaked without her knowledge, remarking that it would “be longer than 40 seconds” if it was her choice. Whether or not she had a hand in the sextape is irrelevant, as the 40-second romp has already surpassed one million views.

Of course, negative press comes hand-in-hand with any sextape, with a handful of eager “haters” taking this opportunity to attack the video vixen’s character. 

However, Elke the Stallion’s back-shot display has the potential to become the most famous sextape of all-time, and here are three reasons why:

Elke the Stallion is The Star. Unlike Kim Kardashian, Monny Monn, and Wankaego, Elke the Stallion is the star of her sextape. Kim Kardashian shared the glory with Ray-J, while Monny Monn and Wankaego shared the spotlight with Kanye West and Chad Johnson, respectively. In Elke the Stallion’s case, her co-star has yet to be identified… and, honestly, no one really cares. The Stallion is the main attraction in this flick, plain and simple. 

Elke the Stallion has a Bigger Booty than Kim. Yes, you heard it right. There is actually someone on this planet with a bigger booty than Kim Kardashian. And not only is it bigger, it is round, firm, and lactose –free (um, no cottage cheese). When Kim Kardashian’s sextape hit the internet, the attention was focused on her amazing ASSets just as much as her bedroom skills. Elke the Stallion may finally have her beat. 

Elke the Stallion vowed to Never Be a Pornstar. While other video vixens flirted with the idea of doing porn, Elke the Stallion has always been adamant throughout her career she would never be a pornstar. And she has never needed to. The curvaceous model built a successful empire by simply showcasing her amazing figure (42 – 28 - 48) without having to do porn videos. For well over a decade, millions of fans have been fantasizing about seeing The Stallion in action… and their dreams have finally come true. If the leaked sextape was planned, this decade-long tease may qualify as one of the most genius marketing strategies the porn industry has ever witnessed. Interestingly, Elke the Stallion once joked she would be the biggest pornstar of all-time if she ever ventured into that industry. Her 40-second clip now has well over one million of views… numbers don’t lie. 

What do you think: Is Elke the Stallion’s sex-tape the greatest of all-time?


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